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Seeking female approval adoro translate in english

seeking female approval adoro translate in english

Città di Castello. Motivated by ardent love, she gave her sisters in the monastery attention, understanding and forgiveness. Ibid., III, 523 precisely in order to be like Christ who gave the whole of himself. My Bride, the Crucified Christ whispers to me, the penance you do for those who suffer my disgrace is dear. All the Saints, she wrote, are up there thanks to the merit and the Passion of Jesus; but they cooperated with all that the Lord did, so that their life was totally ordered regulated by these same works (his) ( ibid., III, 203). My soul, she wrote, was bound to the divine will and I was truly established and fixed for ever in the will of God. seeking female approval adoro translate in english Not only does she express herself with the words of Sacred Scripture but she also really lives by them, they take on life in her. She invites us to participate in the suffering love of Jesus Crucified for the salvation of all sinners; she invites us to fix our gaze on Heaven, the destination of our earthly journey, where we shall live together. Then detaching one of his arms from the Cross he made a sign to me to draw near to his side and I found myself in the arms of the Crucified One. This is also an image of her spiritual journey, of her interior life: to be in the embrace of the Crucified One and thus to remain in Christs love for others. As the Apostle Paul says of himself: Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christs afflictions for the sake of his Body, that is, the Church (Col 1:24).


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Her intense and suffering love for the Church likewise stemmed from this experience, in its dual form of prayer and offering. The penultimate, earthly things, although appreciated in the Franciscan sense as gifts of the Creator, were always relative, altogether subordinate to Gods taste and under the sign of radical poverty. In 1716, when she was 56, she became Abbess of the monastery. She shows familiarity with the Sacred Text, by which her spiritual experience was nourished. Veronica reached the point of asking Jesus to be crucified with him. She was seven years old when her mother died and her father moved to Piacenza as customs superintendent of the Duchy of Parma. She emphasizes that Jesus suffers for humanitys sins, but also for the suffering that his faithful servants would have to endure down the centuries, in the time of the Church, precisely because of their solid and consistent faith. Here she received the name of Veronica, which means true image and she was in fact to become a true image of the Crucified Christ. She was 67 years old; 50 of those years she spent in the monastery of Città di Castello. In particular, Veronica proved a courageous witness of the beauty and power of Divine Love which attracted her, pervaded her and inflamed her.

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