About Us

The world of photography …
… can’t be described with a few words, but we don’t intend to start writing a never-ending book about it over here. For sure, you wouldn’t like to read on and on. And for sure in this case we wouldn’t be able to ever pick up our cameras ourselves again and do any photography ourselves any longer. No way, never ever and however, because photography means real live, experiencing and practicing it and this again and again.
Experiencing? Practicing? Real life?

Theory and information naturally belong to photography, but nothing can be a substitute for practicing it. Only in practice, when actually taking photos, you may be successful or not. Only when looking at your photo you’ll realize whether your goal is achieved, your ideas and imagination are to be seen or whether you have failed to do so and have to go on training your craft and knowledge. No matter how long you already take photos – to do so, to practice belongs to photography like you need air to be able to breathe.
For the two of us photography is pure fascination and has been like this from the second we started with photography. We have made a whole amount of experiences, we have even met via photography and from then on we have already had a lot of adventures together so far.

And some time ago we have decided to start and work on our website, Photoakademie.eu, which is a blog so far with us busily publishing contents about photography.

We would simply like to motivate others.

How ?

We talk about our experiences, about our ups and downs, we let you share our knowledge, we give tips and tricks, we describe our fun, joy and fascination, tell about our adventures and much more. We don’t concentrate only on photography, but also tell about post production and image processing and the very many facilities offered by them. Although it always is a basic principle: in case of a photo being a mess (however) neither post production nor image processing will be able to turn such a photo into a success. That’s for sure.

To Photoakademie.eu everyone is welcome, who already feels and shares the passion for photography. Like we do. A passion including fun, love, fascination, adventures, success but also quite the opposite from time to time. The disappointment in case of failures, photos that turn out to be a mess, the equipment not working any longer, each bone and muscle aching like mad and whatever else possible.

To Photoakademie.eu also everyone is welcome, still thinking about becoming a photographer himself/herself and wanting to take a glimpse into the world of photography and its many varieties first, before making a decision.

We’re usually around and in your reach, at least at all times we aren’t on one of our meanwhile already legendary photowalks, we don’t have any access to the internet at all (this can really happen !) or are both at the same time busy with our work and job and thus haven’t got any time for anything else, not even for ourselves.

We just love to learn ourselves and love to increase our knowledge and we are always looking forward to people, sharing the passion for and of photography with us.


All the best to you and your photography – enjoy our Photoakademie.eu and see you back again soon !