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This text is our own personal translation of the specific German text to our site policy, called “Nutzungsbedingungen”. You may not use this text/this English version for any purpose, neither privately nor commercially, neither as a whole nor partly.

Please read our terms and conditions of use closely and carefully. They constitute a binding agreement between you You agree that your use of our website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below, in this agreement.Please notice that we’ll correct, supplement or modify these terms and conditions, if this has to be done due to any changes in law or reality. Thus please check this agreement periodically. Your continued use of following the posting of changes will also mean that you accept and agree to the changes.

Please notice, that the German law and order are the basic of

Data policy:

You have already read as well as accepted our data policy and nevertheless you visit and use our website. If you haven’t read our data policy so far, you’re on your way to do so as fast as lightning:

Copyright and related rights:

All contents of, whatever kind of presentation, are protected by the German copyright and related rights. The contents include all articles, videos, photos, graphics, design elements as well as the layout of

It is strictly forbidden to copy them, to store them, to change them, to reproduce them, to publish them however and wherever, to spread and distribute them, to sell them or to use them in any other way, however else, without a written permit of the author before. The author has to be asked in advance. This condition includes contents as such as well as parts of contents. Downloads and copies of this website or parts of it and whatever kind of are only allowed for private use but not for any commercial use. Private use means your own personal use only and doesn’t include to pass downloads or copies from your computer/hardware to any other person/third parties. Legally protected authors are: ©Martin B. or ©Ann-Lisa or © In our articles and videos the legally protected author is to be seen beneath the title. At our website the legally protected author © is to be seen at the bottom of the homepage.


At the moment when visiting our you can use our comment function to publish contents of your own. Please notice that doing so you are the only one responsible/liable for your content. Further on you clearly confirm, that your content:

  • isn’t/won’t be any advertisement or spam (except a link to your personal homepage or your personal blog)
  • isn’t/won’t be offensive/insulting or inconveniencing nor has/will have any pornographic, vulgarly, liable to corrupt the young, National Socialist, racialist or any other illegal content
  • doesn’t interfere with/obstruct the services of Photoakademie and its utilization (viruses, script injections, Trojan(horses), hacking and so on),
  • doesn’t violate the rights of third parties like e.g. the patent law/industrial property rights, the trademark law/trademark rights, the copyright law/copyright and related rights/intellectual property rights, the secrets of trade or any other property rights and personal rights/personality right. It also confirms that you have the right to publish the content.
  • doesn’t link to any content, which falls into any of these categories/prohibitions.

If you don’t respect these terms and conditions, if there is any violence of them, your comments will be erased the moment we notice, at the same second we notice them. Be aware of the fact, that we will also take all legal steps possible against you. You are the only one responsible/liable for your content and any damages/violation of other people and their rights as well as you are the only one responsible/liable for all consequences due to your content. Thus you release/dispense from all rights/interests which other people will assert/claim/enforce/plead as well as you pledge/commit/bind yourself to help us warding off these claims/interests in its entirety/at full volume/to the full extent. However it will be necessary to do so.

We may close down the comment function completely. It’s our own decision to do so.

Liability for contents:

Our own contents:

The contents of our site have been created with the utmost possible diligence.

We tell you all about our personal experiences and personal knowledge and craft. If nevertheless you realize any violation of copyright and related rights in any of our own contents, please inform us right away. Being informed, we’ll naturally erase the content at once. We are responsible for all our own contents on this site according to the general German law and rights. But we can’t guarantee and we aren’t responsible/liable for the correctness, completeness and actuality of our contents.

Contents of other people/comments:

Contents of other people, third parties, can only be published as comments at the moment.

The condition and terms have already been described above. Further on please notice:

We are not obliged to control/supervise/watch over the information/contents of other users/third parties that are being transported to or stored at our site as well as we are not obliged to watch out for conditions/clues/hints concerning illegal activities and actions. This doesn’t include our responsibility to erase contents or block them according to the general law and rights. Our responsibility starts at the time we get the knowledge of the concrete encroachment. Then we will erase/delete these contents at once.

Liability for own links:

It may happen that we place links to extern/foreign websites in our contents from time to time.

We haven’t got any influence concerning the contents of these extern/foreign websites. Therefore we don’t give any guarantee for these contents on these websites. The provider or service provider of these sites is the only one responsible for it. At the time we place a link here we have checked out the link/ linked site on possible/obvious violations of law and rights. There weren’t any violations of law and rights recognizable at the time of placing the link here. A permanent control of the sites which are linked to is not deemed to be acceptable for us without concrete indications about/on a violation of law and rights. The moment we know about/become acquainted of a violation of law and rights we erase such links immediately.

Liability for other links:

We are not responsible/liable for any links being placed in comments by other people.

We clearly and strictly recommend you, not to click at such links at all, especially because they are usually placed by so called bots and are not wanted advertisement or even may cause severe damages to your PC. Whoever clicks at links in comments in spite of this recommendation is responsible/liable for all consequences and damages following and happening. It’s you own and personal risk to click at such links.

Own and personal risks:

Visiting and use of is your own and personal risk. We are not liable/responsible for any damages based on the visits or use of which are not caused by intent or gross negligence of This means/includes e.g. damages caused by viruses, Trojan (horses), dialer, computer crashes and so on.

Final terms and conditions:

Please notice that we’ll correct, supplement or modify these terms and conditions, if this has to be done due to any changes in law or reality. Thus please check this agreement periodically. Your continued use of following the posting of changes will also mean that you accept and agree to the changes.

As mentioned at the beginning, we have translated this text personally.

In case of any legal steps, however, our German texts about the imprint, site policy and the data policy are the only ones to be considered as basic for any judgments, however. The English translations/texts over here are only a private service by ourselves and have been made with our utmost possible diligence. But we don’t take any responsibility/liability on them, especially not on a perfect correct translation of the many specific technical or judicial terms. In case of any legal steps, however, an accredited interpreter has to be asked to translate the German texts. We also point out to the fact that any use of our translations whether privately or commercially, whether as a whole or in parts, is strictly forbidden and that we will take legal steps immediately in case of any abuse. We are not liable/responsible for any abuse of our translations. This includes that we are not liable/responsible for any consequences or damages caused by the abuse of our translations.

Our personal data, published in our imprint as well as in the contact form are by no means to be used to send any advertisement or any information stuff without our permission to do so.

We strictly forbid any abuse of our personal data. In case of any abuse of these data, like e.g. sending not wanted spam advertisement etc. we’ll take legal steps at once.

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