Sequence – Visualization of time, space and situations

Usually photos are taken as so called “single shots” and they are presented as single impressions.

Another way of working in photography is to work with several different shots on the same photo subject (as such) and present an amount of photos of it together, which then shows the changes/differences between the single shots.

And one way to work like this is called a sequence.

A sequence gives you the possibility to visualize time, space and situations.

In a sequence photos of the same photo subject (as such) are always taken within a specific period of time. The time a specific/an actual situation needs to happen.

The following example was taken within a time period of only one and a half minute.

Nevertheless quite a lot happened with the little fellow.

It was a situation happening without knowing it (especially its final moment), thus a real accidental situation. But I had watched this little fellow already before and had seen him trying to fight with the strong wind blowing that day. Thus I could react quickly at the final moment – feet suddenly deep in the sand, trying to keep the balance.

This is a sequence by some stroke of luck.

But naturally there are sequences of all kinds and thus one can also sort of “ plan” situations by just waiting, like e.g. traffic at a crossroad or clouds passing by and so on. In situations like these ones you know at least generally, how elements are changing or in other words, what is going to happen like e.g. at a crossroad with different cars passing by or pedestrians etc.

The most little sequence consists of two photos being presented together.

Like over here:




How much more photos you like to shoot and present is up to you and sometimes, depending on the photo subject, it is up to the photo subject as well.

So over here is the complete amount of photos being shot at the location.





Working with a sequence means, that no single photo of it can’t be replaced by other ones of the photo subject as such being taken later on like e.g. the next day. You’ll work in and with a specific situation and have to do the best possible, when shooting, because situations only happen in a specific period of time. If you have failed to get your photos during this time, the only thing to do is to wait for a new situation happening and then start shooting again.

A sequence can be called a photo essay as well, although it has its specific conditions to be worked with. The keyword “photo essay” is a more general expression and kind of working with several photos being presented.

Nowadays another /the latest way to work with sequences is the so called “time lapse”.

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