Practical tips – useful little helpers on tour

Well, you’re thinking about a shooting ?

Maybe you plan a tour outside in the landscape e.g. ?

And you’re thinking about all the photographical equipment you need or you want to take with you ?

Here are two practical tips for you about what should never be forgotten while packing the backpack. I have always put them in my backpacks and have used them many times and for many different purposes. And I still do.


First of all, especially when you want to go outdoors/outside, never forget an old dish towel.


It should be made of cotton only.

The best ones are the old ones, which have been washed already a few hundred times before.

A dish towel doesn’t have any extra weight and can be used for different purposes.

It’s possible to clean the front glasses of the lenses or filters with it.

You can wipe away dust or even clean away finger prints, if it has happened that by some stroke of no luck you have somehow touched the glass of the lens or filters.

But never forget to be really careful when wiping, in order not to damage the glass or filters.

Such a dish towel is further on very useful, if the camera or lens or the front glass of the lens gets wet by rain.

You can dry the equipment easily and efficiently with it.

And sometimes you might even use such a dish towel as some sort of a little tripod, at least when you are down on the ground. You can fix the camera or its lens a little bit with it, thus no camera movements and thus sharp photos.

And so on.


The second thing you shouldn’t forget is some plastic bags.

You can use any sort of it, either bags for dustbins or bags for the refrigerator and suchlike.

It can only be recommended to take different sizes with you.


Plastic bags can be used in many ways.

They can protect the camera and lens in case of raining e.g. or dust etc.

If you have a real big plastic bag you can even put the whole backpack in it.

They can be used as a protection cover, when you want to kneel on dirty or wet places e.g.

They can be used for a model to protect fine clothes from getting dirty.

If you’re outside in nature and e.g. want to take a photo subject home (e.g. a little rock or piece of wood, that you have found etc. – but only if this is allowed), you can use them as a carrier bag or at least as a bag protection for your photo subject itself as well as your camera equipment. And very similar to this is the situation, that you maybe buy in a shop like e.g. food in a glass – put it in such a plastic bag and together with it into you backpack, thus in case of any possible damage at least your equipment remains protected and stays clean.


Plastic bags can even keep you dry feet in case of your only shoes having been flooded and only two dry pairs of socks in your suitcase for the next days.

It’s a beautiful emergency solution and never mind about airport controls and the look at you, when you have to take off your shoes and the security discovers the plastic bags inside.

Dry feed are worth any looks.

As a matter of fact I’m thinking about using them as kind of a snow protection right now, because I’m on my way to the northern polar circle, where the snow conditions are about 1,50 m height and I don’t think, my outdoor shoes will fit for this surprise trip in between and I haven’t got the chance to buy extra shoes before.


So, there you are. Next time heading outside, don’t forget these two very useful helpers !

You’ll be prepared for very many situations happening.

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