Photo subjects and imagination

Well, what does that mean ? Very often there is much more, that can be discovered even in very daily objects, if one calls imagination for help. Then suddenly there might be whole figures, sceneries, little worlds and suchlike. Okay, for this is a little bit complicated to explain it theoretically, I’ll present you a few photos over here to show you.

Let’s look at this photo here first:

Fantasie 01 DSC06321Variante1

Hm, nothing really to be seen, or is there ?
Hm, just a photo showing an old “whatever”, obviously the colo(u)rs coming off in flakes of “whatever” object – hm nothing more than rotten. Nothing worth to take a photo of it. Well, the original object is a balcony and sure there are some real rotten parts already. Rotten photo subjects can be real good photo subjects. One can create beautifully with abstract compositions, or forms/lines/elements/planes or even with the different colo(u)r shades.

But usually I would have looked out for a larger object then to take such shots. Over here it happened that I first just looked at it, because it was rainy and no way to get outside. And when looking at it more closely I suddenly discovered, that there is a cute little figure.

Fantasie 02 DSC06321Variante1so

Now look yourself – I have marked the photo with a few notices. And I’ve made a vertical frame out of it via image processing, because for those, who have problems realizing it, it is a little bit easier to see it vertically.

Fantasie 03 a DSC06306soenglisch

Can you imagine this little figure over there now as well ?

Whether you frame it vertically or horizontally you’ll have to decide yourself – it works both ways. Vertically this figure is standing and horizontally it’s laying on its back.

Another example – the same balcony:

Fantasie 04 DSC06322

Okay, nothing that can be seen by you ? But look over here, now, there is a little face and somehow it looks a little bit like a devil or a troll or suchlike.

Fantasie 05 a DSC06316englisch

This one was taken vertically at the location as well as horizontally as can be seen over here. And I changed the distance a little bit.

Fantasie 06 DSC06312

There are many examples like this all around. Depending on one’s amount of imagination one might see a lot or nothing like this. But maybe next time you look at you try to give it a close look and thus train your imagination. Watch out for the clouds in the sky e.g. – very many people see figures in the clouds.

Have a lot of fun doing this and taking photos of other little worlds !

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