Photo composition – „ less is more“

Less is more – this is one way/one kind of photo composition.

Whether you like to work like this depends e.g. on you as well as the photo subject, the message you want to transport and so on.

With a few photos all taken at the same shooting I’d like to show you over here, how “less is more” changes the composition as well as the message of a photo.

All photos were shot within a short period of time.

All photos were shot with the same gear/equipment and camera settings.

All photos were shot with the same photo subject as such  – a big oak.

It was autumn time and I saw this big oak outside. It was about noon and I was fascinated by the lighting of the oak – the sun light shining through some leaves, other leaves completely in the shadow, other leaves sort of spot-lighted only.

I was also fascinated by the different colo(u)rs of the leaves, most of them in autumn colo(u)rs already, but a few ones still with the green summer colo(u)r.

So first of all I took this photo over here:


This photo was discussed very differently. Some like the many details to be seen within the frame. They also like the change between the sharp elements and the blurred ones.

As well as the changing light within the frame.

Others disliked it. From their point of view the photo was just too detailed, overloaded and thus giving an impression of restlessness and confusion.

I didn’t feel comfortable with the result either, having had a short glimpse at it at the display of my camera. So I tried to look for another part of the oak to get less detailed composition as well as a more quiet impression of autumn, although I also wanted to show the lighting situation and the colo(u)ring  as much as possible at the same time.

Okay and here we are with the next example:

lessismore 2

There are still the different colo(u)rs. There is still part of the lighting situation to be seen.

But the amount of leaves and branches of the oak is much less compared to the first photo.

The little branch with the leaves is clearly isolated from the background, which is completely blurred now.

Thus the photo now shows a quiet autumn scenery.

And here we have got the last example for now.

lessismore 3

Many viewers liked the last two photos much more than the first. Many were of the opinion that “less is more”.

Comparing all these three photos you can picture in your mind, what “less is more” means.

You can imagine the way, how to work like this.

And you can see, how the message and the impression of the photos change.

Okay, this was a first practical glimpse at “less is more” – compositions.

So see you again later on over here at with some more “less is more”.

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