Photo composition – lens flares

Photography – the original source of this word is the old Greek language: φῶς, phos, φωτός, photos, „light (of the orbs/heavenly bodies)“, „luminosity“ and γράφειν, graphein, „to draw“, „to carve“, „to paint “, „to write “.
To cut it short, very short: photography is working with light, whatever kind of, or as it is often also described painting with light.
Even though we mostly avoid to show the light itself. We mostly avoid to show the effects of light itself, its characteristics.
But …

… playing with the light itself and showing its effects on purpose is a very creative way of photography, as well as a kind of experimental photography.

There are many effects of the light, that can be shown and different ways to show them.

Like lens flares e.g. are but one example to show and to work with.
Lenses don’t let the light pass through with 100 %, but reflect parts of it. Thus lens flares are the mirror image of the aperture/sum up the aperture.

Lens flares are just one effect of the light itself. Or in other words – lens flares are one example of the light to be seen as such. They show the intensity of light, the reflections of it.
But most of the time lens flares aren’t worked with. On the contrary, one tries everything to avoid them or if somehow lens flares are to be seen within the photo inspite of all efforts, one tries everything to erase them by means of post production.

With these two photos over here I’d like to give you a first visual impression of how one can play with lens flares and use them on purpose in order to show the light itself.
As well as to show the mood within a photo, the special lighting conditions and lighting impressions when showing the light on purpose.

Both photos were shot without any special extra effects being used.


In the photo of the winter impression it was a very special lighting situation outside. The sun was shining and it was slightly snowing at the same time. Because of the position of the sun all snowflakes coming down were reflecting the sunlight with power – the whole “air” was sparkling and glittering for a very short period of time.
In the photo with the darkness there were specific conditions outside as well. It was dark but a partly clouded sky and it was rainy. Slight rain falling. There were different light sources as well.
So both times nothing more was used than the available/natural light.

Playing with light – this is to be continued soon.

So far have a lot of fun in experimenting with lens flares!

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