Outdoor photography – on tour – practical tips

Because I do a lot of photographical outdoor tours of each kind, such like trips or really long tours etc., I have experienced a lot about what should be paid attention to before starting and while being on tour.

Here are some general practical tips from me.


1.  Before starting a tour, especially when you want to be in nature, tell s.o. about your plans and the area you will go to and tour. This might be a friend etc. or even s.o. at the reception in a hotel e.g. Thus at least one person knows, where you are around and is able to call for help, if you don’t show up again and your return is overdue.

2.  Always take a handy or i-phone with you and make sure, it is completely charged.

In case of any emergency, such like an accident e.g., you can call help quickly. Don’t switch off that handy, i-phone etc. while you are on tour. One never knows what is going to happen, one second can change everything. If there is a GPS you can be at least located.

3. Even when you are on tour with a partner, it can only be recommended that all take handys etc. with them. It can always happen that partners split up because of different conditions or interests and thus you won’t see your partner(s) for a longer time. Especially when partners get out of sight of each other, they can keep contact quickly by phone, whether help is needed or just the information, where to meet again or whatever.

4. If you carry a backpack/trekker or whatever put a notice inside, telling the phone number of s.o.,who should be informed at once, if s.th. happens to you. This notice should be seen by others (helpers) at once, so place it somewhere, where it can’t get lost within the backpack/trekker. Or place a note like this together with you identity card in a pocket of your trousers etc. (as well).

5. Depending on the length of your tour and the location inform yourself about the weather conditions and especially the possibilities of sudden weather changes. Prepare yourself for such weather changes.

6. Especially in summer times, when it is warm, take s.th. to drink with you. Chewing gum and peppermint etc. help only a little bit or even not at all. If you walk a lot and sweat you need liquid! Better leave a lens back before starting your tour than s.th. to drink.

7. Make a rough plan about what you would like to photograph and which lenses you really need. Very often one carries too many lenses on tour, which aren’t needed at all on different reasons. On a long photowalk zoom lenses have advantages, because they can cover different focal lengths. With a wide-angle to slight tele zoom lens and a tele zoom lens you are usually prepared for the most situations appearing.

8. When carrying a backpack/trekker -especially in summer- and going on (long) walks, maybe even climbing sooner or later your back will get wet because of sweat. As soon as you take off the backpack/trekker you might catch a “beautiful” cold quickly, especially when the wind is blowing. Thus it is recommended to take a light jacket e.g. with you and dress quickly. At least avoid the blowing wind, its chill might not only cause a cold but also a kidney infection.

9. Especially when you have walked for a longer time or even climbed, remember to relax some time before you start shooting. Otherwise it might happen that your photos turn out to be blurred more or less, because your muscles were still busy to slow down from their work like your hands/arms are still shaking a little bit e.g. But often that’s enough to get blurred photos. To avoid this either take a short break or a tripod. You can also use anything as sort of a tripod.


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