Ipadgraphy or iPad-photography

Be different.  Be creative.  Have fun.  Try ipadgraphy.
Here is a report together with some appetizers for you. Well, an iPad isn’t meant to be a camera, it’s a little computer with very many functions and possibilities. But nevertheless it also offers the chance to take photos, there is a little camera inside it.

And what can happen, if a photographer knows about this ?

He or she suddenly uses an iPad differently from what it is really/mainly meant to be and -starts shooting photos. And thus he/she starts a whole session of creativity. As I did.

Sitting in front of an iPad and having just been informed about the camera inside it, I suddenly became very keen on experimenting with it and took the chance. I just started shooting. I couldn’t resist this opportunity and it turned out to be a real challenge.

I had a lot of fun shooting with the iPad. Somehow it was like the first times ever taking a camera and taking photos. Back to the roots. It was just the pure fun and enjoying the results, experimenting playfully. I went on doing everything, I usually don’t do, like using specific fun filters etc. Playing again. No limits by knowledge. Just practicing by doing. Just being creative.

I only concentrated on getting the positions the iPad camera needs, I watched its screen and when I was pleased with what I could see there I struggled to get to the “shutter release button”. I didn’t think about any lenses and apertures, ISO or other main camera settings. I forgot about all this. I just looked at the compositions, which could be seen at once and before photographing and thought about them.

I was told a nut while shooting. Well, even when using my DSLR I always draw the attention of others sooner or later. Either because of the photo subjects or because of my positions like e.g. laying on the pavement in a town. But with the iPad I even topped it. It really must have been a peculiar look with me holding objects somewhere in the air above an i-pad or me, myself, trying to get self-portraits moving the i-pad around or staying on chairs and trying to get the i-pad into the position that I was to be seen at its screen. And mind you, it isn’t that easy to get the right position – an iPad has a very different way of working – especially compared to a DSLR.

I was told a nut later on, when I talked about this experiment. I was clearly told, that an iPad is a computer and that this is for sure, but no camera –  poor quality, not enough megapixel, even an i-phone would do better. Sure, but is technical quality the main item that matters in photography? Not in my opinion. Just remember – your camera doesn’t matter.  And creativity doesn’t know anything about limitations, whatever kind of.

Now, let’s look at these first examples here:

ipad-211-1 ARei PA

ipad-214-1 ARei PA

ipad-215-1 ARei PA

And no, these aren’t impressions of micro photography about the insight of viruses and bacteria or microorganisms or suchlike. Taken with a special camera and lens. These are impressions of everyday objects. Taken with an iPad.

Another few examples:

ipad-260-1so ARei PA

an “alien”

ipad-263 ARei PA

hidden eyes watching

ipad-289-so ARei PA

and minima in colo(u)rs.

Inspite of the quality, inspite of the original small size, inspite of anything, these are photos that are somehow also fascinating, that may draw the attention of others, that give an impression.
And nothing counts up for the fun, I had taking them, feeling free to experiment, feeling the fascination of it. So sooner or later I’ll go on having some more shootings with an iPad.

And if there is a chance for you to get an iPad e.g. from a friend or if you have one yourself – maybe you like to start a shooting with it now as well.
Have a lot of fun yourselves doing so.

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