Background and reasons – number 1

What I would like to show you over here now is a photo. Of course. You wouldn’t have guessed that, would you?

What I’m going to do as well is that I’ll tell a little bit about this photo and the reasons, why I decided to shoot it.

But first just look at it and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


It was a beautiful autumn day with the sun shining brightly and a real blue sky – a day, you just can’t resist when looking out of the window.

You feel like you must get outside as soon as possible. As if is pulling you hard and you can’t deny.

Okay autumn subjects.

There are so many all around … um, and I didn’t actually want to take a common subject like the colo(u)red leaves or trees etc.

So what could be done?

Well, while walking around I glanced at the amount of cars being parked all over, because I live in a big city.

And doing this I just got this kick.

Autumn in the city.

Autumn as a reflection.

Autumn on a car, on the car paint.

Yeah, that was it.

And I settled down in front, beside and behind my own car over here, shooting my way down and happily experimenting with views, apertures, angles, lenses etc.

This photo is but one out of a whole amount of photos having been shot.

I was plain fascinated by the impressions of the reflections, the playing with different planes/areas and elements within the frame as well as the different kinds of colo(u)r scheme. By composing all this even right up to the type/kind of experimental photography – finally creating photos that are only to be guessed, that only give clues and are real surprising.

Well this example over here still is real or let’s say not abstract so far, I just worked with areas/planes and colo(u)r schemes and the contrast between nature and objects (the car, the pavement).

Whoever is absolutely keen on further technical details – here are at least some.

Aperture: 16 + shutter speed: 1/3 sec + ISO: 200 + focal length: 55mm + a tripod

The photo is out of cam, so there is no image processing/no photoshopping.


As a matter of fact and to be real serious – be careful, when taking photos around cars. If you don’t realize on time, that the car starts to move, you’ll definitely wind up in hospital and even this only, if you are still the lucky one. Depending on your position you just can’t be seen on time.

I wasn’t noticed myself – but fortunately my car is beeping because of its power door locks/central locking system and thus I heard it on time.      You don’t want to know how I jumped hearing it beeping, do you? Ready for Olympics.

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