Animal photography

or when a tit is busy and the photographer is waiting…

Okay let’s start with a smiling glimpse at the first fundamental rule in animal photography – patience is the magic word. You really need it. As well as a lot of memory cards – most photos turn out not to be successful, whatever efforts you have tried to make. So as a first start here is a little photo-story about “When a tit is busy and the photographer is waiting…”

This winter was so hard that we had to place food for the birds, they wouldn’t have had a chance without. I fixed some of these green balls with food for tits in the garden and one right away on my balcony as well.

The little guys showed up and picked their special food happily.

They were really shy, whenever I moved behind the windows, they escaped at once.

It took some food balls and a lot of time to let them know there wouldn’t be any harm, if I went on my balcony and stayed there. As a matter of fact our first meetings over there were sort of shocking us both – the tits and me as well, because they appeared so suddenly, I was never prepared for them.

After having survived the first stage of getting known to each other, I took my camera outside; sure I wanted to try to get a real good shot.

The tits came in – realizing that there was a tripod with a camera they stopped flying while flying and we started with the same procedure all over. Getting known to each other, but this time together with my camera.

We managed it – after some time – and then the next act quickly followed.

You’re ever prepared for the landing place of a tit on a food ball ?

And have you ever thought about all the possibilities a ball offers – it’s all but round ?!

When my camera was fixed on the right side (to be seen as a viewer), the tit was on the left and I had to set the camera quickly to the other direction…

Meise01 Photoakademie

When my camera was fixed on the left side, the tit was on the right one, the camera had ….

Meise 02 Photoakademie

Oh yeah and of course, there is also the top of the ball …..  Or the bottom …..

Meise 03 Photoakademie                            Meise04 Photoakademie

Or whatever else in between ……

All photos turned out to be blurred, however, or only the feet/claws of the tit were sharp. Or I cut off the tit’s tail feathers.

But this wasn’t really what I wanted to – I preferred the tit to be seen sharp and to get the whole tit on the photo.

Next problem was that the tit didn’t allow a lot of camera movement; otherwise it turned out to be like this.

Meise 04

Whoey, I started sweating trying to guess, where that little guy would show up next.

And trying to get used to the speed of picking the food.

Meise 08

Yeah, and whenever I thought I’d managed this …

Okay, you’re prepared for a tit that doesn’t want to become a shooting star ?

It either turned its back towards me

Meise 06

or, well, just look over here

Meise 07

– great sharpness but head missing.

I really started to love that little guy.

Waiting for it sometimes for about 3 hours in between the next stop somewhere on the foot ball, with a camera somehow never getting the speed needed and above all the tit not caring to be a model.

But finally, after several days, several shootings, I managed to get these ones e.g. over here.

Meise 09

Meise 10

The tit had a little bit of mercy with me and obviously needed a second to rest.

And by all that time having already passed by, I was trained sufficiently to react as fast as lightning. Um, let’s truly say, faster than as fast as.

And I was lucky to get the right moment and having been prepared for it on time.

The only thing still to do is a little bit of image processing like repairing the wall of my balcony and so on.

Maybe the little guy will show up again – the tit has a real good memory, there were some quick visits during summer time. Well, let’s have a lot of patience.

And a lot of memory cards.

And a lot of joy again – watching this little shooting star and trying to get a real good shot.

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