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This text is our own personal translation of the specific German text to our data policy, called “Datenschutz”. You may not use this text/this English version for any purpose, neither privately nor commercially, neither the whole text nor parts of it.

Please notice, that the German law and order are the basic of

our data:

Our personal data, published in our imprint as well as in the contact form are by no means to be used to send any advertisement or any information stuff without our permission to do so.

We strictly forbid any abuse of our personal data. In case of any abuse of these data, like e.g. sending not wanted spam advertisement etc. we’ll take legal steps at once.

your data:

We are aware of the important obligation and responsibility/liability to protect your data privacy. We assure that we take the protection of your personal/private data seriously. Thus we would like you to know when, how, where and by whom your data are collected or can be collected and when, how, where and by whom your data are used or can be used, however. Please take your time and carefully read this data privacy (current status 2013) for your own sake. We have collected all information with our utmost diligence in order to inform you as best as we can according to our status of knowledge.

Please notice that we’ll correct, supplement or modify this data privacy, if this has to be done due to any changes in law or reality. Thus please check this agreement periodically.

Visiting our website it’s up to you to let us know personal data – either when using our comment function or when using our contact form. Data, requested over there, are given voluntarily by you. Using our website is otherwise generally possible without any personal data being needed, collected or used. As far as your personal data are collected they won’t be given to any third party without your permission. At any time you have the right to be informed about the amount of your personal data, stored at, to have them corrected or to have them erased/removed.

We want to inform you clearly, that using the internet as such the protection of data is generally not to be guaranteed as completely safe. Even when sending e-mails e.g. your data, which are requested when sending an e-mail, might not be protected against the access of and violation as well as abuse by third parties. Thus when using our contact form we are not responsible/liable for any data violation and data abuse. If you want to send us personal data or confidential private information, we clearly recommend you to do this not per internet but per post/mail.

Cookies/webanalysis Google Analytics:

Our website places “cookies”. We can’t inform you about all details, when and how cookies are placed. In general “cookies” allow our website to recognize your computer when you access the website. Many browsers accept cookies automatically. If you want to prevent the placement of cookies on your computer or remove cookies from your computer or want to be informed about cookies being send to your PC, please change the settings/adjustments of your browser. Please be advised that if you block or remove cookies from your computer, there might be technical problems visiting or using our website.

So far our website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis product/offer by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses so called “cookies”, text files, which will be stored on your PC and which give the possibility to analyze your use of this website. The information about the use of this website (including your IP-address) will be transferred to the USA and will be stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate/analyze the use of this website, to make up reports about the activities on this website to the service provider and to render further services/attendances concerning the use of the website and internet. Google will also transfer information to third parties when this is legally obliged or when third parties process data by order of Google. Google will on no account connect your IP-address with other files of Google Services. You can prevent the installation of the cookies by preferences/settings in your browser software; but we have to inform you that in this case it might happen, that you can’t use the website (offers/functions/service) completely. You might also prevent the collection, storage and other uses of your data by Google by a download of a specific browser plugin directly from Google, at least in German such a browser plugin to deactivate google analytics is offered for download. Please check out yourselves if there is an English equivalent for such a browser plugin offered by Google.

Social media:

Please notice that we are in no way responsible/liable for the privacy practices, security practices or the content of any of these websites. But we like to inform you generally, that all of these websites handle and work with your data, however. Please always be aware of this principle. If you don’t want any of your data used by the different social media services, we strictly recommend you, not to click at any of their links or their symbols, buttons and suchlike.

Our following general information text to some social media is just a private service and based on our personal status of knowledge. It is by no means an equivalent to or translation of the German texts about social media in our German data security, “Datenschutz”. Please notice that in case of any legal steps, however, only our German texts are decisive for and basic of any judgment, of everything, however.

According to our status of knowledge and research in the internet, here are English versions about privacy, written by Google and Google Services and Facebook:

We are sorry, but so far there is obviously no English version about privacy written by Twitter. The only direct information about privacy from Twitter is written in German:

Another link of interest for you might be this one about the Facebook symbols/buttons and plugins:

All social media websites/services collect data from you in different ways. At the time of access they already start collecting data and transferring them. Cookies or plugins e.g. are sent to your PC at time of access. They automatically transfer information about some of your data to the website. When using the offered services of the website on your accounts like e.g. comment, “Like”, “re-tweet” etc. further data are collected, transferred, stored or used, however, as well as your activities are usually visible for other internet user, either for all or at least for the members of the specific social media website.

You may protect some of your data and activities by your settings/adjustments in your accounts, as far as it is possible according to the website and its services. You may also protect some of your data by the settings/adjustments in your browser software or by the download of available add-ons for protection. But please notice that there is no general protection against collecting, storing, transferring etc. of all of your data. Using the internet always affects data more or less.

If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to connect the data concerning your visit to our website with your member data already stored by Facebook, please log off Facebook before entering our website. But even if you are not logged into Facebook as a member e.g., there is the possibility that the plugins transmit your IP-address to Facebook. Please notice that at least some social media websites, e.g. Facebook or Google +, check your accounts even about activity at all from you. If you stay absent for some time, why ever, they will know it and will send you e-mails, e.g. that you have missed activities of your friends (Facebook) or make contact suggestions for you (Google +) and suchlike.

Due to the development in the internet, privacy – its protection and security- , internet law and increasing legal forces social media websites will have to amend, supplement or modify their terms and condition of use as well as their data policies/privacies. Thus please check this periodically at these websites.

Final information:

As mentioned at the beginning, we have translated this text personally.

In case of any legal steps, however, our German texts about the imprint, site policy and the data policy are the only ones to be considered as basic for any judgments, however. The English translations/texts over here are only a private service by ourselves and have been made with our utmost possible diligence. But we don’t take any responsibility/liability on them, especially not on a perfect correct translation of the many specific technical or judicial terms. In case of any legal steps, however, an accredited interpreter has to be asked to translate the German texts.

We also point out to the fact that any use of our translations whether privately or commercially, whether as a whole or in parts, is strictly forbidden and that we will take legal steps immediately in case of any abuse. We are not liable/responsible for any abuse of our translations. This includes that we are not liable/responsible for any consequences or damages caused by the abuse of our translations.

Please notice that we’ll correct, supplement or modify this data policy, if this has to be done due to any changes in law or reality. Thus please check this agreement periodically. Your continued use of following the posting of changes will also mean that you accept and agree to the changes.


data policy of– current status: April 2013