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meteor shower, which reaches its peak next week. The meteor was captured entering the earths atmosphere by a dashboard-mounted camera - common amongst motorists in this part of the world - just before it set off blasts injuring more than 500 people. Such dashcam views helped researchers reconstruct the timeline for last year's Chelyabinsk explosion. Its the moment a meteor shoots across the sky above the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Dash-cam captures Russian meteor: Russian dashboard cam meteor escort scafati pompei

Incontri erotici roma bacheca incontri conegliano In the moment when they were hit by Komarov. A similar fireball caused a stir last month in Russia's Yakutia region. The female is seen being thrown into the air and landing on the car bonnet, smashing the window. Oh, and if youre wondering why there are so many dashboard-mounted cameras russian dashboard cam meteor escort scafati pompei on Russian cars, its because driving in Russia is pretty dangerous. Viktor Prokofiev, a resident of Yekaterinburg, was"d.
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